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Advances of the methods of wave analysis of soil stratification

UDK: 624.131

V.V. Antipov, V.G. Ofrikhter

Modern nondestructive methods of investigation of the low-velocity zone are actively advanced today. In the absence of necessity to perform borings labor expenditures and cost of the operations are reduced significantly. Accuracy and correctness of the final results which are obtained by non-destructive methods is almost the same as when using destructive methods. The purpose of this article is to review multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) and additional tool called Back-Scattering Analysis (BSA) for detecting anomalies in low-velocity zone. The procedure of MASW method is considered in detail at every stage of the work. The passive types of MASW are considered in details: common passive, passive roadside. Examples of the resulting images are also presented in this article. The principles of Back-Scattering Analysis are described in details.

Файл: В.В. Антипов, В.Г. Офрихтер.pdf, 11 pag.

Рубрика: Геотехника и геотехнологии
Выпуск №6: По материалам VIII Всероссийской молодежной конференции аспирантов, молодых ученых и студентов «СОВРЕМЕННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ В СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВЕ. ТЕОРИЯ И ПРАКТИКА», (Часть I ,июнь, 2016)

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