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Analysis of rainfall during the test-driving of static load

UDK: 624.131.439

P.A. Lyashenko, P.E. Babkin

The article provides the description of the method of data analysis soil tests vertical static load on the injection bored piles. The settlement of piles has been obtained after the application of the steps of the impressed vertical force, which had been assigned equal to 1/10 of the calculated expected resistance. Each subsequent step of the pressed force was applied after stabilization of the settlement from the previous stage, i. e. when the value of displacement not exceeding 0.1 mm for the last 30 min of observations. Analysis of the relative displacement increment (the rate) showed that it changes unevenly. In was found that variation of the settlement rate occurs naturally i.e. its growth decreases when the characteristic value of the impressed forces, constituting a certain part of the calculated resistance. In the clay soils characteristic of this impressed force corresponds to the settlement, equal to about 3 mm. Suggested that this characteristic impressed force is the stabilization point of the resistance of piles on the lateral surface. It stops growing, and further growth of resistance of the pile due to the increase in the resistance of the soil to the lower end of the pile. This analysis of the field tests helps to clarify the value of the resistance of the soil on the lateral surface of the pile.

Файл: П.А. Ляшенко, П.Е. Бабкин.pdf, 5 pag.

Рубрика: Геотехника и геотехнологии
Выпуск №6: По материалам VIII Всероссийской молодежной конференции аспирантов, молодых ученых и студентов «СОВРЕМЕННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ В СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВЕ. ТЕОРИЯ И ПРАКТИКА», (Часть I ,июнь, 2016)

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