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Application of bored piles at construction on soft soils

UDK: 624.159.5

R.I. Sofin, R.I. Shenkman

One of the main problems in the reconstruction of buildings and structures is to strengthen the foundations. Foundations of buildings during the operation lose strength: a partial destruction, cracks and other defects. This is due to natural or man-made factors such as differential settlement grounds, wooden elements rot, corrosion of reinforcement beams, undermining the bases of buildings. Unacceptable damage to the foundation may result in dangerous accidents. The purpose of this article is - the study of technology to strengthen the foundations of the reconstructed building with the use of injection piles. This method of strengthening the foundation is used as abroad and in our country, but is poorly studied and difficult conditions applicable in weak clay soils. The article presents an overview of the injection piles, the problem of their application in complex geological conditions of the city of Perm. A review of patents on this topic, consider the advantages and disadvantages. Briefly describes a method for calculating injection piles in weak clay soils to strengthen the foundations of reconstructed buildings. The authors briefly been considered practical experience of using injection piles in Russia and abroad. The scientific novelty of this study to assess the possibility of using such piles in geological conditions of the city of Perm. The urgency of the research topics disadvantages of injection piles in soft soils are described. The basic goals and objectives for further research on a selected topic of research..

Файл: Р.И. Софьин, Р.И. Шенкман.pdf, 15 pag.

Рубрика: Геотехника и геотехнологии
Выпуск №7: По материалам VIII Всероссийской молодежной конференции аспирантов, молодых ученых и студентов «СОВРЕМЕННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ В СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВЕ. ТЕОРИЯ И ПРАКТИКА», (Часть II ,сентябрь, 2016)

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