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Carbon fiber sorbent application prospects

UDK: 69.059.25

S.V. Novikov , M.S. Pletneva

Adsorption is a universal physico-chemical method, allowing practically completely to remove the organic impurities from a gas or liquid medium. It is not surprising that the study of adsorption process is the subject of lots of scientific papers. However, most studies on the use of adsorbents in the field of deep water treatment on various aspects of production and application of activated carbons (AC), which is one of the most common adsorbents. This article discusses the potential of using non-woven carbon fibrous sorbents, whose production is based on sintering and subsequent activation of the cellulose fibers with special methods. Studies of sorption of water purification in a laboratory setting using simulation solutions. In the form of tables presents the results obtained. Conclusions are made about the use of ASM material as the filtering element.Class article applies to research. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the formulation and solution of a new problem. The reliability of the results is not in doubt. The article has a practical significance. The style of presentation is good, informative tables, figures acceptable.

Файл: С.В. Новиков, М.С. Плетнева.pdf, 6 pag.

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