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Technical and economic comparison of microclimate provision options using the latest equipment

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A.A. Nechaeva, A.I. Burkov, G.S. Mishneva

This article considers 2 options for providing a microclimate in the conference hall of a public building with the use of a high-efficiency climate beam and a multi-split system. The designed system must meet the requirements of an energy efficient building, providing flexible use of available space and comfortable climate parameters. When designing, options are considered that take into account the productivity, investment value and operating costs in each case. Air conditioning systems that work with climate beams, as an alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, have been used extensively in Europe and North America since the 1990s. They make it possible to provide thermal comfort, low sound pressure level, energy saving and efficient use of space in buildings of various types. The cooling systems under consideration allow to control a comfortable climate in each room, managing the comfort modules for cold or warm air as needed. The brief review and operation principle of SWEGON cooling beams and multi-split systems of DAIKIN Company is presented. Calculations have been performed to identify an economically viable option.

Файл: Нечаева.pdf, 8 pag.

Рубрика: Инженерные системы. Водоснабжение и водоотведение
Выпуск №8: По материалам IX Всероссийской молодежной конференции аспирантов, молодых ученых и студентов «СОВРЕМЕННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ В СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВЕ. ТЕОРИЯ И ПРАКТИКА», (Часть I ,июнь, 2017)

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