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Выпуск №4: По материалам VII Всероссийской молодежной конференции аспирантов, молодых ученых и студентов «СОВРЕМЕННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ В СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВЕ. ТЕОРИЯ И ПРАКТИКА», (Часть I.Май, 2015)


Градостроительство. Теория развития города. Теория и история архитектуры, реконструкция и реставрация архитектурного наследия


UDK: 69.059
L.I. Ivshina, N.S. Bashkova
Necessity for reconstruction or design in system of the residential development the objects of additional children's education substantiate in this article. Conclusions are based on analysis data from the recommended mode of the day for a high schooler, and based on the results of sociological research about the alternative provision of children.
7 pag.

Architecture and planning reorganization of the network sports facilities in the Izhevsk

UDK: 725.8.012
L. I. Ivshina, A.A. Vdovin
The problems of the modern devices network of sports facilities in the Izhevsk describes in this article. The potential of accessibility such sites in the urban areas analyzed. The necessity for the formation of a unified structure of the sports facilities and a new typology identified.
4 pag.

Transfomation of space-planning structure of resedential boxes in seasonal children’s camps (for example children’s camps of udmurt republic)

UDK: 69.059
L. I. Ivshina, M. S. Permiakova
The article explains the importance of children’s camps and the necessity of transformation of residential boxes in structure of their. It contains characteristic of seasonal camps in Udmurt Republic. The article includes methods of transformation of space-planning structure of residential boxes in children’s camps according to regulatory and hygienic documents
7 pag.

Строительная механика. Моделирование физических процессов строительства. Строительные конструкции зданий и сооружений

Numerical modelling of deflagration explosion of gas in industrial build-ings. Location of safety constructions.

UDK: 699.8
Budnik E.V., Pepelyaev A.A.
The failures caused by explosions of gas, occur regularly. The main reason for these failures is the human factor, to exclude which and to foresee emergence of failure it is almost impossible. At failures of gas in the closed rooms of buildings there is a so-called deflagration explosion. Such an explosion can damage or destroy a building and cause serious injures to people. In the work is simulated explosion in the industrial building with regard to different gas concentration in order to understand the dependence of the maximum excess pressure from this fac-tor. Discusses optimal location of safety constructions. In the work for calculation of intensity of explosive loading and identification of influence of the gas concen-tration we used the domestic multi-purpose program FlowVision complex.
8 pag.

Current methodologies of protecting residential buildings from internal explosions.

UDK: 699.8
Vedernikov A.N., Pepelyaev A.A.
This article presents the basic documents and methods, which, according to the author, it is necessary to draw when dealing in matters of protection and explosion prevention.
6 pag.

The two-stage model of the concrete composite fatigue work

UDK: 539.431
Y.E. Kurbatov
The paper deals with the problem of forecasting the fatigue life of concrete structures, buildings and constructions. The authors propose the two-stage phenomenological model of damage accumulation for the numerical simulation of the fatigue life of concrete composite.
4 pag.

Constructive solutions to spatial truss of metal coatings (structural design)

UDK: 624.078.4
A.V. Pirutskaya, I.I. Zueva
Considered domestic and foreign experience in the application of spatial metal structures - structures, systems design features, the main advantages of constructive solutions, the comparative analysis of the nodal connections of structural designs. As an example of the structural unit of the "CNIISK" dimensions 18 x 12 m the analysis of the output of the individual elements of the system. Keywords: structural design, the nodal connection of structural designs, the stress-strain state.
8 pag.

Physicochemical aspects of the conversion of chrysotile asbestos fibers in the process of forming fiber-reinforced concrete based on Portland cement

UDK: 691+669.9
Shchetkova E., Sevastianov R.
The present work is devoted to the physical and chemical aspects of the conversion of chrysotile fibers in the formation of fiber-reinforced concrete based on Portland cement binders. This knowledge will allow to model composite structure at the micro level and to manage its effective physical and mechanical properties. Based on the criteria of efficiency particulate reinforcement fiber-reinforced concrete and the requirements for reinforcing fibers analyzed the structure and physicomechanical properties of chrysotile. The paper summarizes and analyzes the interaction between the chemistry of chrysotile fibers with the components of the concrete matrix. The mechanisms of interaction between the components and the impact on the final characteristics of the fibers of chrysotile fiber-reinforced concrete, especially for strength. The facts presented lead to the conclusion about the effectiveness of chrysotile asbestos as a reinforcing agent for reinforcing fiber-reinforced concrete. It is shown that chrysotile fibers have good mechanical and environmental properties subject to the rules of industrial safety.
0 pag.

Геотехника и геотехнологии

Question of seismic reinforcement in reconstruction building after its conser-vation

UDK: 624.151.2
N. V. Komendant
Results of survey the unexploited residential building whose construction was stop from his subsequent conservation. On basis of summarizing material and the technical condition of the building, were get recommendations for its recon-struction, in view of actual seismic situation at the construction site.
3 pag.

Application PC MIDAS GTS for modelling work singly standing basement of reconstructed building when strengthening by injection piles

UDK: 624.159.4
Considers the basic stages the modelling work singly standing basement of re-constructed building when strengthening by injection piles. Developed a design model of the «base - combined foundation». Installed the influence of boundary conditions on the movement of singly standing basement of reconstructed building when strengthening by injection piles in clay soils.
3 pag.

The influence of new construction on additional vertical displacements of existing buildings

UDK: 624.131
Bugaev S.L., Zaharov A.V.
The article is devoted to the problems connected with influence of new construction on additional vertical displacements of existing buildings. Theoretical questions of emergence additional vertical displacements, classification of additional vertical displacements and the reasons of their emergence are reviewed, and also standardization of additional vertical displacements is given. The description of the conducted researches on a problem is provided. The direction of further researches is defined.
3 pag.

Evaluation of carrying capacity and device ground anchors.

UDK: 624.137
Didorenko I.A., Dunauskas Y.V.
In consideration of the work refers to the ground anchors and provided the calculation of bearing capacity of the anchor.
4 pag.

Influence of lateral earth pressure factor on the value of the calculated resistance base and base bearing capacity

UDK: 624.131
S.A. Kalinovsky, E.V. Tsvetkova
It is determined that the calculation of the bearing capacity of the base recessed strip foundation methods, based on the analysis of the stress condition of core soil mass should be considered as one of the design parameters that determine the stability of the foundation base, the coefficient of lateral earth pressure ξо. It is it is shown that the coefficient of lateral earth influences significantly the formation and development of plastic deformations areas in the base of the foundation and, as a consequence, the estimated value of resistance and maximum permissible load.
7 pag.

Method of installation factory pressing piles in clay soils and ways of its de-velopment

UDK: 624.151.2
A. Polyschuk, S.Nuykin
The method of pressing installation factory concrete piles. Main advantages and disadvantages of the method are analyze, defined the scope of application. Authors give recommendations of using installation in clay soils for construction-confined projects. In the publication, there are constructive units, elements and components to improve this method.
6 pag.

Numerical modeling of stress-strain behavior in the soil around driven piles

UDK: 624.154.1
Saenko Y. V., Rakitin A. A.
The paper presents the determination of stress in the soil around driven piles using PLAXIS 3D Foundation program. The results of modeling and static load tests are compared
6 pag.

Evaluation of the possibility of changing soil properties when interacting with leachate landfills of municipal solid waste.

UDK: 504.05
M.V.Viskov, D.G.Zolotozubov
The article provides information on the landfill disposal of solid waste in the construction of the geomembrane. Chapter reviews the types materials for the construction of screens. The results of the analysis of research on the interaction of seepage water from soils.
5 pag.

To the question of forecast sediment and bearing сapacity of piles in claystone

UDK: 624.154.1
Volgareva N.L., Sychkina E.N.
The article is devoted to the design of pile foundations, the bases of which are claystone. The results of field static test piles at the pilot site in the city of Perm were observed. Recommendations on the calculation of the sediment and the bearing capacity of pile foundations, the basis of which data are used as primers, are done.
7 pag.

Study of supplements repellent For water resistance and strength of piles Made by technology jet grouting ground

UDK: 624.1
V.V. Galimova, K.A. Miller, V.I. Kleveko
This paper presents the results of experimental studies of the effect of water-repellent additives for water resistance and durability of piles made by technology jet grouting soil.
5 pag.

Mounting walls of trenches using ground reinforcement methods

UDK: 624.138
A.A. Zalyubovskaya, V.V. Lageryok
This article represents the process of reinforcing ground. It describes several methods of mounting walls of trenches and slopes for improving the properties of ground by reinforcing elements during the construction works. It also reviews the main areas of application of these technologies.
6 pag.

To the question of clays microstructure influence on its building qualities

UDK: 624.131.2
Zubairov R. I., Okuntsov I.I., Sychkina E.N.
The main types of microstructures of clay soils are considered in the article, given its characteristics. Analyzed the clay soils of Perm city and revealed its microstructures.
5 pag.

Сar parks design in difficult engineering-geological conditions using geosynthetics

UDK: 625.712.63
L. Igosheva, V. Kleveko, O. Petreneva
Currently, the level of car ownership is growing rapidly population, and parking is not increased. The shortage of parking exists not only in big cities but also in small towns. The main objective of rational use of vacant land, but often have difficulty with complex engineering-geological conditions. Provide high quality road surfaces is very important for the city. Improving the reliability of the subgrade is an important issue in the construction or reconstruction of the road. Given the fact that in Russia (Perm region) territory with poor soils predominate, the primary concern is to ensure the required strength characteristics while reducing time and cost of operations.
10 pag.

Features of engineering foundations on subsiding soil

UDK: 624.159
E. Isakova, V. Kleveko
In this article we can see features of engineering of foundations on subsiding soil (loess). Also we can see specificity of calculation limit design and changes of calculation limit design. The classical structural schemes are showed. A new struc-tural of reduction settlement scheme is showed.
6 pag.

Experiment according to influence of density of soil on the degree of frost heaving.

UDK: 624.139
P.A. Kazantseva, S.A. Sazonova.
The planning of experiment according to influence of density of the soil massif on degree of a frost heaving is carried out. For achievement of the purpose the task of the analysis of coefficient of consolidation on relative deformation of frost heaving is set. The strength properties, deformation properties and the frost heaving properties of the seasonal freezing of soil is presented. Conclusions about the possible directions of further researches are drawn.
7 pag.

The analysis of slope stability in Ordzhonikidze district of Perm city

UDK: 624.131.537
O.S. Karmanova, V.I. Kleveko, V.O. Pikuleva
This paper analyzes the stability of the slope in the construction of a residential building on it in Ordzhonikidze district of the city of Perm. Analytical calculation was performed slope stability based on the additional load of a residential building under construction. It is concluded that a stable equilibrium, the optimal slope and type of foundation building..
7 pag.

Methods of determining the properties of soils that is under dynamic in-fluences

UDK: 624.131.5
A.S. Kolesova, A.S. Grishina
This article describes the behavior of soils which are under the seismic, vibrating and shock loads. There are given field and laboratory methods of determining the dynamic properties of soils and physical models with their partial description. Also the new methods were proposed to track changes in properties of soils caused by the dynamic load.
9 pag.

Problems of highway construction on soft soils

UDK: 624.135.5
D.A. Komarov
During the construction of linear facilities such as roads, construction workers are often faced with the problem of embankments on weak grounds. In this article, the definition of a weak base and a weak base, the basic methods of solving the problem by increasing the bearing capacity of weak soils in the subgrade.
6 pag.

Analysis of test results full-scale drilled piles static load in clay soils

UDK: 624.155.533
P.A.Liashenko, O.A.Shmidt, D.V.Gokhaev
The analysis of static testing of full-scale drilling piles in clay soils. A general-ized curve of displacement on the load (during loading and unloading piles), and depending on the increment of displacement per unit of applied force. As a result, the range has been revealed pinch efforts, which have seen an increase in resistance to indentation piles.
6 pag.

Influence of transport vibration on buildings and structures

UDK: 699.842
Mashina I.R., Koryazhmina Y.A., Sychkina E.N.
traffic flow has increased in modern cities. It transmits vibration that affects the constructs of buildings. This article is devoted to studying the impact of transport vibration and its consequences.
4 pag.

Технологии и организация строительного производства. Ресурсосбережение

Analysis of efficiency of organizational and technological solutions of safety in joint working of cranes

UDK: 69.055.4:621.873
Antipov V.V., Pestov A.A., Kaloshina S.V.
the article describes the main activities to ensure safety in joint working of several cranes and analyzes their efficiency on the basis of statistics of accidents associated with using of two or more cranes. Also the article describes the recommendations of improving efficiency in joint lifting the same cargo of several cranes.
10 pag.

Analysis of efficiency of using hyperplasticizers in concrete mixtures

UDK: 691:693.5
Antipov V.V., Bochkareva T.M.
the article describes the features of using of modern hyperplasticizers in concrete mixtures, also the article contains the analysis of their efficiency by comparison with superplasticizers.
0 pag.

Modern technologies of non-waste recycling of construction refuse

UDK: 69.059.643
Asanova A.S., Luzgina E.A., Kaloshina S.V.
The article is devoted to the problem of construction waste recycling as one of the most pressing issues of today. All methods of construction waste management are examined in detal, on the basis of which there are drawn conclusions on possible ways to improve the efficiency of construction waste recycling. The following effect involves eliminating a negative impact on the environment and using all the waste in the secondary raw materials. The examples of non-waste recycling and deposition are given. Some recommendations for optimizing waste treatment on the construction site aimed at reducing waste amount are offered.
0 pag.

Comparison of technologies high-rise construction in the USSR and modern Russia

UDK: 691.666.97.031
Bakieva I.D., Nigmatullina R.V., Kaloshina S.V.
the analysis of the technologies of building high-rise buildings in the Soviet Union and modern Russia. Compared body-block, brick, monolithic designs, as well as a modern method of construction of buildings with metal frame. Discusses their advantages and disadvantages.
0 pag.

Prospects for development of green construction in Russia

UDK: 69.001.5
Bogdanova E.O., Lysyak I.V., Kaloshina S.V.
The goals and tasks of green construction are considered. The documents establishing green standards are reviewed. Some green technologies are analyzed. The examples of green buildings are given. The green buildings both in the world and in Russia are explored. The prospects for the development of green construction in Russia are considered.
0 pag.

Selection of devices that increase the permeability of the construction vehicles when operating in the Perm region

UDK: 62-76
Bezmaternykh A.V., Vakhrushev S.I.
Performed patent searches of devices that increase the permeability of the vehicle in off-road conditions, namely: thawed clayey soil, loose snow, ice, blurred water track gauge.
0 pag.

High-performance technologies of insulation of surfaces

UDK: 699.865
Zagainova E. Y., Cheremnykh A. A., Kaloshina S.V.
The important stage in construction of buildings and installations in the insulations is the insulation of surfaces in various ways. The most modern way is the fluid heater. In this article all advantages and disadvantages of this way of insulation are presented in details. Also, there is an information about the technology of application and about main points of comparative characteristics with other heat – insulating materials.
0 pag.

The analysis of the technical condition of underground garage.

UDK: 69.059
Зырянова Т.С.
The problematics of illegal construction, consequences of construction without the design and executive documentation is opened. The given problem is considered on an example of building-technical research of underground garage on 60 cars in a Krasnokamsk.
0 pag.

The optimal parameters of pile-pipes penetration by impact machine research

UDK: 624.132.335.001
Zgolich O.I., Vakhrushev S.I.
The research piling pipes laid-wave theory of impact. The dependence of the piling-pipe pneumatic shock machines on the resistance of the soil. Get the basics needed to select the optimum performance and pneumatic drum machines for piling of steel pipes.
0 pag.

Rationalchoiceofconstructionmachine′s quickwear part′s frequency recovery

UDK: 621.87.004.67
Zolotaryova Yu.S., Vakhrushev S.I.
Construction machines execute difficult functional processes during that there is a wear of details. A comparative analysis as method allowing to set periodicity of repair works taking into account their rationality is offered in this article. Atechnological process model of renewal and curve of wear are basic data of this work. As a result of research It was shown that more expedient to increase the TBO cycle for the quickweared details of building machines.
8 pag.

Increase production efficiency concrete work using chemical additives

UDK: 693.542.4
L. Igosheva, S. Kaloshina
The article is devoted concrete admixtures, namely plasticizers. The mechanism of action is also a comparison of five well-known brands plasticizers based on several criteria: the increase in strength, a reduction of water consumption, reducing the flow of cement, workability, water resistance and others. The use of chemical additives increases the production rate and the quality of the concrete, which indicates the feasibility of their use.
0 pag.

Method for optimizing the calendar plan reconstruction of industrial facilities

UDK: 69.051
S.V. Kaloshina, L.V. Glagolevskaja
Article is devoted to the selection criteria and methods for optimizing the schedule with the vision of work in industrial production facilities. The results of the analysis of the technical literature devoted to the optimization of schedules in the reconstruction of industrial facilities. The analysis of the timetable on the example of an industrial facility.
0 pag.

Features of technology and mechanization of building construction

UDK: 69.057.528
Kaloshina S.V., Pikuleva V.O., Karmanova O.S.
The article is an example of a high-rise building in Russia. The technology of self-climbing formwork system, and provides design solutions and especially the construction of high-rise structures, methods of supplying concrete to great heights. Are new building materials that were used in the construction of "evolution".
0 pag.

Automating the process of building footing on the example of the foundation of plastic blocks

UDK: 693.55
Kolechkina A.Y. Kaloshina S.V.
The article describes an automated process to build the foundations of the plastic blocks. Step-by-step installation of foundations, highlights the main advantages and disadvantages. A comparison of this technology with precast and monolithic ribbon Foundation. Conclusions about the feasibility of using this type of foundations.
0 pag.

Techno-economic comparison of the different types of retained form-work of polystyrene with large-panel forms.

UDK: 693.55
Kolechkina A.Y. Petreneva O.V.
The article presents a comparison of retained formwork of polystyrene with large-panel forms on their main techno-economic characteristics. For each type of formwork detail statement of resources, the structure of the direct costs. Was comparison technology method of ranking. Are the main advantages and disadvantages of these types of formwork.
0 pag.

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