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Study of influence aluminum-containing waste at the base properties of gypsum binders

UDK: 691.311

D.I. Baranyuk, V.A. Shamanov

The article deals with the problems of increasing the strength and water resistance of gypsum by using aluminum-containing waste. In the framework of the experiment, a comparison was made of the physico-mechanical characteristics of samples with different amounts of waste with Al2O3 content with the results of testing the control samples. The comparison was based on various parameters of the quality of the gypsum binder: water-gypsum ratio (В/Г), compression breaking strength and compressive strength in bending (Rсж и Rизг), mass specific gravity (ср), water absorption by mass (Wm) and softening coefficient (Kp) ). According to the results of the study, it was found that adding a waste with Al2O3 content to the gypsum mixture helps to increase physical and chemical parameters, such as compression breaking strength, compressive strength in bending and mass specific gravity. Such changes in quality indicators can be related to the compaction of gypsum stone structure, as well as to a possible change in the morphology of gypsum crystals and an increase in the degree of their crystallization. In the course of the experiment it was found that the compositions containing alumina-containing waste should be used only in air-dry conditions, providing additional measures to protect the products from moisture, for example, surface treatment with hydrophobic liquids.

Файл: Шаманов.pdf, 6 pag.

Рубрика: Строительные материалы и технологии их производства
Выпуск №8: По материалам IX Всероссийской молодежной конференции аспирантов, молодых ученых и студентов «СОВРЕМЕННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ В СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВЕ. ТЕОРИЯ И ПРАКТИКА», (Часть I ,июнь, 2017)

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